Helpful Links

Childhood Migraine Brochure

Migraine Diary so kids can record their migraines

Migraine Action Card for kids to fill out the steps they take during a migraine attack

a toolkit for parents and carers to enable them to get support for a child whose migraine is impacting their education

a list of children's headache doctors by state 

a list of comprehensive headache centers by state

more information for parents and carers of children and teens with migraine

People with migraine share their experiences and explain what gives them hope for greater understanding, empathy and relief in the future. 

I was in this video a couple years ago when the idea for this project was coming together- the picture book I mentioned was what would eventually become this website! -Daisy

This video explains the biology behind migraine and how it can be treated. It may be a little complex for younger kids, but it does a great job of breaking down what a migraine is!

This migraine education video was created by headache specialists at Children's Mercy Hospital together with Bazillion Pictures, Inc. It is about ten minutes long, and breaks down why migraines occur and how to treat them with simple animations.